Forest Bathing as a Post Quarantine De-Stressor

Forest Bathing as a Post Quarantine De-Stressor

The new coronavirus outbreak has caused millions of people to stay inside their homes with fear for months. Several lockdowns have not only made us feel socially isolated, but they can also take a toll on our mental health. Hence, after self-quarantining, find time to reflect on yourself and reconnect with nature. The true essence and beauty of nature lie in its ability to calm our minds and improve our health.

Trinidad and Tobago host a number of magical places to stay after the pandemic. For one, nature ecotourism in Concordia Estate, Scarborough, Tobago, offers a popular and renowned forest bathing experience in the country. Forest bathing has risen from a simple Japanese pastime to a proven mental health-boosting activity; it involves immersing yourself in the magnificence of nature, leaving all your stress and worries behind.

Forest Bathing as a Post Quarantine De-Stressor

Here’s how you can make most of your forest bathing venture at Concordia Estate:

  • Find a Sweet Spot
    As soon as you start your nature trail, let your body guide you to your sweet spot. Some respond to shady areas, while others prefer sunny glades. You don’t need to take your journey deeper into the forest. As long as your body finds comfort in that spot, you can, then, start relaxing and appreciating green beauty.
  • Maximize Your Senses
    Our rain forest offers joy and calmness beyond what the eyes see. Engage your hands, nose, ears, eyes, feet, and mouth in your journey. Touch the soft flora or the immense stature of the trees; take a deep breath and feel the fresh air through your lungs; witness the breathtaking face of nature; let your feet meet the coldness of the ground; taste the flavor of nature in your mouth.
  • Do a Variety of Activities
    Whether you’re with a companion or alone, try some activities that allow you to transcend deeper into the forest. Spread the mat and start meditating or doing Tai Chi or yoga. Write a poem about how you feel at the moment. Take a picnic with your friends. Observe the colors of the plants. Or take a stroll in the nature park.
  • Embrace the Silence
    Be selfless for we are part of a greater whole. Appreciate a place free of urban noise and full of rejuvenating hymns of nature. The forest has its unique sound that can calm the pre-occupied minds. Listen to the songs of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, the wobbles of the waters, and the splashing of the winds against the grass.
  • Slow Down
    Never hurry and take delight in the unmatched scenes of nature. Walk slowly as you traverse through the woods. Shift your visual focus on the many landscapes of the park, from the long forest trails to the Tobago’s traditional agriculture.

Forest Bathing as a Post Quarantine De-Stressor
Forest Bathing as a Post Quarantine De-Stressor

Nothing can offer the same wonders as our agro tourism in Concordia Estate, Tobago. Choose a special package for your next trip by calling 1-888-235-8794 or emailing us at Concordia Estate Rainforest has affordable accommodations and local meals for groups of up to 18 persons. Gather your friends and family and benefit from this amazing offer today!

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