What You Probably Did Not Know About Cocoa!

What You Probably Did Not Know About Cocoa!

Cocoa is the low-fat component of finely ground cacao beans, which are the cacao tree’s fermented seeds. Its Latin name is Theobroma cacao, which means “food of the gods” in English. These ground beans contain cocoa butter, a naturally occurring fat found in cacao beans, as well.

While cocoa makes a fine addition to a number of desserts, there is more to this crop than meets the eye. In fact, as any agriculture enthusiast would attest, cocoa has versatile uses and benefits. Since the time of ancient civilizations, cocoa has been revered for its healing and medicinal purposes.

As a promoter of cocoa agro tourism in Concordia, we believe in the greatness of cocoa. Thus, we have listed down some of the benefits of this crop below:

  • It Can Improve Cardiovascular Health
    Cocoa powder contains cocoa as well as catechin, epicatechin, and procyanidin, which possess antioxidant properties. Using moderate amounts of cocoa powder can help strengthen the heart while protecting cells from damage. It can also prevent fatal blood clots from developing, which may result in cardiac failure or stroke.
  • It Can Relieve Bronchial Asthma
    Cacao beans have theophylline and xanthine, which help in opening compressed bronchial tubes and easing bronchial spasms. Because of this, they have anti-asthmatic properties, making them significant in curing different allergies such as shortness of breath and asthma.
  • It Can Be Used for Skin Care
    Consuming flavonol-rich cocoa can help lessen the effects of UV-induced erythema, which decreases skin scaling and roughness. It can also play a role in improving skin hydration, elasticity, and density. It is no wonder, therefore, why cocoa is an ingredient found in many skincare products.
  • It Can Facilitate Healing
    Cocoa extracts possess wound-healing and therapeutic properties in the production of natural medicinal products. These extracts can prevent different types of infections in the body from developing.
  • It Can Enhance Mood
    Cocoa powder can exhibit antidepressant-like effects. It has flavonoids that help fight depression, improve the mood, and promote cognitive activities throughout relentless mental strain.

What You Probably Did Not Know About Cocoa!

As you can gather from the information presented above, cocoa leaves more than just a good taste in your mouth. It has properties that can help with different aspects of your health.

The twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is home to some of the world’s best cocoa! If you want to learn more about cacao production, taste great chocolate, or try brewing cocoa, we invite you to visit Concordia Estate for a Historic Cocoa House and Cocoa Estate Tour at our nature park.

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