Experience a Bird Watching Tour Like Never Before

Experience a Bird Watching Tour Like Never Before

If you find yourself get caught up too much with the daily challenges that life throws at you, take a break and immerse yourself in what nature has to offer. You can also calm your mind by witnessing flocks of glamorous birds flying by our sanctuary. The Concordia Bird Sanctuary hosts dozens of bird species that are well-monitored by our birders and ornithologists on-site. Come and get fascinated by Tobago’s national birds!

Concordia Estate offers a bird-watching experience you can never forget. The tour involves a walking or a wagon-driven trail, and you can also learn essential bodies of knowledge from our bird experts. More than the tranquility and seclusion, our sanctuary offers more than 101 reasons Tobago is a top destination for bird lovers.

How Bird Watching Can Benefit You

  • Time for Calmness
    Spending time with nature release relaxation hormones that eventually reduce stress and anxiety. Consequently, bird watching is not only a sightseeing activity, but it also infers meditative engagement. You can drown in a peaceful setting free from urban distractions. This experience is what makes Tobago beyond ordinary.
  • A Change of Scenery
    Urban life can take a toll on one’s mental health with its repetitive routines and daily stressors. Changing the scenery can divert your mind’s focus to be in one with nature. Bird watching is an activity that presents breathtaking sceneries of diverse species of birds and the tranquil surroundings. With our nature ecotourism in Concordia Estate, Scarborough, Tobago, you can find magnificent terrains and landscapes all around.
  • A Healthy and Active Mind
    Bird watching needs quick reflexes. As birds move swiftly into the air, observers need to be keen as soon as birds appear out of nowhere to capture majestic shots of this creature in flight. Because birds fly in the blink of an eye, mental alertness helps bird watchers keep their minds active during the trail.
  • Keeps Social Connection
    Through the years, we have noticed that bird watchers foster a sense of community. In our sanctuary, bird lovers from all over the world meet and make lifelong friendships and take pleasure in detailing their bird watching experiences. Thus, we take pride in creating social circles from those who share similar interests in our nature trail packages.
  • Wonderful Outdoors
    As an outdoor activity, bird watching is a popular attraction in our nature and agro tourism in Concordia Estate, Tobago. You can find the secret wonders of nature lurking in the forest or revealing in the feathers flying in the sky. Guaranteed, you’ll cherish the experience with us for a lifetime.

Experience a Bird Watching Tour Like Never Before
Experience a Bird Watching Tour Like Never Before
Reconnect with nature and witness the colors of an untouched environment. From the sea breeze and dancing leaves to Tobago’s rich culture, unique agriculture, and unparalleled natural beauty, you’ll behold a once-in-a-lifetime experience like never before.

We have amazing deals for those visiting Concordia Estate Rainforest with friends and family. For groups of hikers and bird watchers of up to 18 persons, we offer affordable accommodations and local meals. Interested in experiencing bird watching at Concordia Estate? You can book a tour with us by calling 1-888-235-8794 or emailing us at bookings@concordiaestate.com today.

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