Concordia Estate, An Ecotourism Trendsetter in Tobago.

Concordia Estate

In this busy life, there is one sure thing that is guaranteed to bring you happiness. Yes, we’re talking about travel.

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a plane ticket and that’s kind of the same thing, insn’t it!.”

Travelling is one thing that makes people happier, it broadens your horizons and increases your confidence. But we don’t want you to just through a dice, pick a place and head off. We want to show you a hidden paradise on the island of Tobago and that’s our Concordia Estate Nature Park.

Ecotourism, Green Travel or Sustainable Travel. No matter what other names you know it by, we simply call it – AMAZING!
In light of the global impact that man has had on our planet, we took a conscious decision to go Green, by offering an eco-friendly travel destination in one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean and so Concordia Estate Nature Park was born. We are a uniquely endowed eco-tourism destination nestled within the tranquillity of the beautiful island of Tobago. Situated just two and a half miles from the island’s capital of Scarborough, the estate covers approximately 50 acres of rich and diverse tropical flora and fauna, ridge-top bird’s eye views, nature trails, a river that streams from an underground spring within the adjacent Adelphi Estate and the Providence River, a museum, an old water wheel, virgin terrain for exploration, our very own organic farm, a farm to table restaurant all conveniently close to the island’s capital, the Tobago Seaport and its ANR International Airport.

Concordia Estate has a fascinating journey to take you on, as it well over 200-year history dating back to the 18th century is showcased in its museum. A history from slavery to emancipation to independence to present-day republic status will keep the most avid history buff intrigued, as we follow the lives of slaves who used to farm the plantation with crops like indigo, sugar cane, coffee, cocoa and manufacture rum, to the estate’s current owners, who are descendants of slaves. They have taken a horrible history and turned it into a positive story which has only just begun. Many of our museum installations are artefacts found on this very estate during renovation and excavations. Authentic relics of lives once lived by those who occupied this land are on display at our visitor centre. The historic cocoa house has been refurbished to provide rustic and pristine accommodation for up to 16 persons with 2 en-suites and a large open area with 4 beds. It is truly a place of beauty, where materials from the surrounding environment have been upcycled and reused to preserve the integrity and harmony of the landscape. All the Bamboo on the estate came from the estate’s own Bamboo Cathedral and was treated on-site at our treatment facility.

The estate touches Tobago’s only rainforest reserve on 2 sides and so possesses a bounty of flora, fauna and indigenous wildlife for both the nature-lover enthusiast and the every-day traveller. The Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve is the oldest and the first forest reserve in the Western hemisphere, established in law in 1763.

It is mainly because of this unique feature that we have gone the extra mile to establish and maintain an eco-friendly status. Waking up to the sounds of a harmonic symphony of wildlife is how you know that you’re at Concordia Estate Nature Park in Tobago. It’s what most of our guests say they miss about mornings at our estate. Greeting the sunset at our famous evening bonfire campsite, as the native parrots return to their nests is another routine that our guests cannot wait to return for – this place is a source of endless joy and serenity.

The aura that envelops the estate is dynamic and ever-changing. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a destination wedding, for team building, an island adventure, a nature lovers dream vacay, a retreat for some good old R&R or simply a staycation for your vacation, our estate provides multi-layered vacation package options for the discerning traveller that simply cannot be found in any other place in the world. Tobago really is the world’s undiscovered gem.

The saying goes “Collect moments. Not things.” and Concordia Estate Nature Park provides the perfect opportunity to create beautiful memories and collect wonderful moments.

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